SMART Enterprise System

As business operations getting smarter and increasingly sophisticated, McCoy provides a suite of SMART Enterprise solutions to cater for business operation efficiency. Using McCoy’s suite of solutions, business productivity scale to a new level in more efficient resource planning and better business insights.

Digital Asset Wallet and Exchange

With the rapid growth of blockchain technology, McCoy’s digital asset wallet and exchange helps resolve the hassle of managing multiple exchanges and digital assets by integrating wallet, exchanges and Apps/Dapps platforms.


Digital Platform and App Development

McCoy’s global network serves an in-depth understanding of digital needs and requirements, the company houses a one-stop digital solution provider assisting partners in web, app and platform development. In addition, McCoy provides the capability to develop WeChat micro-app and operates the TikTok platform. The company helps Chinese entities to springboard to the English world and assist English entities to tackle the Chinese market.

Media and Omni-Channel
Advertising Solutions

McCoy is devoted to assisting its customers to succeed with their technology. Our goal is to develop the best value, performance, and innovation in the industry. We offer the full range of automation consulting services including diagnostics, application design, training, turnkey engineering projects and more. McCoy is in the business of solving problems. We set the standard in automation consulting by merging products, engineering services and innovative technology into one solution. Our products and services work together to improve performance, reduce risk and add value to any operation. Our automation consultants have knowledge of practices, trends, and regulatory issues for a variety of industries. We specialize in tailoring logistic automation solutions and business systems, combining products, optimizing networking, and much more.