Advisory and Consultancy


Management Consulting

With McCoy’s strong record in helping partners achieving breakthrough results and extensive experience running a global operation, the company assists businesses to strategize business roadmaps and execute key initiatives in order to attain business goals. Using a set of methodology, McCoy helps businesses to build their product or service roadmap

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Go-to-Market and Brand Consulting

McCoy’s marketing expertise helps businesses frame an exceptional Go-to-Market plan and builds a unique brand positioning. Setting Sales, Leads and Brand Recognition as key measurements, the company assists businesses customized a set of exclusive Go-to-Market and brand strategy.


Digital Business and
Transformation Consulting

Leveraging on McCoy’s record-breaking digital know-how, the company helps businesses sketch digital transformation blueprint to exploit a greater geographical reach without having a physical business presence and mine a larger pool of demand. At the same time, McCoy assists digital businesses to amplify business growth by creating their analytics, digital infrastructure and digital sales & marketing capability.

Capital Market Consulting

McCoy’s business track record coupled with its strategic direction have aligned the company to participate in capital market services. The company is actively sourcing for opportunities in strategic investment, fundraising, merger and acquisition and business valuation. McCoy welcomes entrepreneurs and start-ups where it can play a strategic role in funding or consulting.